Industrial EMC Filters

Roxburgh EMC’s industrial mains filters include 1-phase filters, 3-phase filters, and 3-phase + neutral filters

Roxburgh EMC is an established brand of industrial filters which includes, single-phase filters, three-phase filters and three-phase and neutral filters, in current ratings from 1 Amp to 1600 Amps.  Performance options include single stage and multi stage EMC filters.

We have also designed and manufactured cost-effective EMC filters for some of the world’s leading OEM’s.

Roxburgh’s EMC mains filters are used across many industries and applications, some of which are listed below

  • compressors, cranes, escalators, generators, machine tools (KMF three phase general purpose filters)
  • Cranes, escalators, HVAC, lifts (KMFA three phase high performance filters)
  • inverters and servos, (KMFA, MDF, MDF3, MIF, MIF3),
  • motor drives (MIF3 and KMFA)

All Roxburgh EMC filters are designed and tested to meet Directive 2006/95/EC and UL1283 product safety standards.

All Roxburgh EMC filters are RoHS compliant, and approvals held include UL and cUL